my hand in paint.jpg

HI, I'M JEN...

and creating art is my way of expressing my feelings, thoughts and experiences. Art is my solace and my "mood-ring paintings" translate many feelings at the time I create them.  My sculptures are ever changing mediums and even find their way into my paintings at times. I am passionate about Art, Oceans, Animals, People and I've had a full-on love affair with horses since I was three. The jewelry I create is from from upcycled horse tack.  

I am a "creativity engineer", an ever-learning artist, teacher, designer, explorer.

New experiences deliver expansion and ​I have evolved over my lifetime as an artist.  

My inspiration from the classic materials of paint and canvas have recently combined with alternative artistic materials that I discover, such as driftwood, feathers, seaweed, bones, tree roots, wire and almost anything, really.  My creativity is energized in these materials and express my experiences of them. I flow with new ideas and artistic explorations.